“Silent Night!” – 2OO YEARS “Song of world peace“

200 years song of world peace This CD celebrates the anniversary in 2018, illustrating in music the story surrounding what is perhaps the loveliest – and certainly most famous – Christmas carol. The recordings were made in the places where Gruber and Mohr worked, where the carol originated, and from where it set out into the wide world. The CD includes not only…
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CD Romance Lyrique

CD Romance Lyrique The music of tender affection In music, a romance is a piece free from established forms, poetically evoking romantic tales or human emotions, often with associations in nature. What instrument could lend itself better to such an atmosphere than the cello, with its sonorous depths and lustrous heights? And what more appropriate…
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Mozart’s Flute Quartets

Mozart’s Flute Quartets “Pastoral idylls and flute arias full of vigor” Mozart’s flute quartets performed with the world renowned flute virtuoso Michael Martin Kofler. This recording, made in the Kreuzberg Church in Burglengenfeld with its magnificent acoustics, includes, along with the joyful flute quartets, a debut recording of a beautiful adagio by Mozart. This superb…
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