Ave Maria · Cello & harp


Matthias Michael Beckmann – 5-stringed cello
Sabine Kraus – concert harp

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Nurturing Music

The various versions of Ave Maria (Hail Mary), take a special place in music history. The most heartfelt prayer of the Catholic Church has, since the Renaissance, inspired composers to write pieces carried by sweet melodies, intimate vocal-lines (usually female), and angelic accompaniments.

Not inappropriately, many of these works became particularly popular due to their ability to satisfy the basic human need for harmony, for becoming one with nature and creation. This music imparts a feeling of nurturing, faith beyond the influence of the Church, often infused with romantic sensualism and a peculiar symbiosis of girlishness and womanhood. The works on this recording reach beyond the scoring of religious texts to a series of other pieces that similarly convey this mood.

Matthias Michael Beckmann – 5-stringed cello
Sabine Kraus – concert harp

SACD · MMB 007/08 · Gold Disc


Franz Schubert - Ave Maria
Ludwig van Beethoven - Zärtliche Liebe
Giulio Caccini - Ave Maria
Guiseppe Giordani - Caro mio ben
Franz Schubert - Chant Élégiaque & Wiegenlied
W.A.Mozart - Laudate Dominum & Ave Verum Corpus
Robert Schumann - Träumerei
P.I.Tschaikowsky - Valse  sentimentale
Jules Massenet - Méditation aus Thais
Luigi Cherubini - Ave Maria
J.S.Bach - Air
J.S.Bach/Charles Gounod - Ave Maria
Maria Theresia v.Paradis - Sicilienne


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    Ave Maria Schubert Liszt Valentina Lisitsa – YouTube ~ Bittersweet memories; my mother used to play this on the piano for us when we were children”, “Ave Maria by Franz Schubert very well executed by Valentina Lisitsa.

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