W.A.Mozart – Take time for yourself…


Federica Longo, Englischhorn · Martin Hinterholzer, Kontrabaß



Take time for yourself...

This CD offers you Mozart in perfect physical and spiritual harmony. Experience the soothing, healing effect of a unique rendering of these works. Let yourself be borne on a journey into the depths of the soul. Discover your creativity, your ability to capture the beauty of the moment. Escape from the constraints of daily routine; enhance your quality of life. Music played in the rhythm of the heart-beat helps to sychronise the two hemispheres of the brain. Tension and relaxation find a natural balance, promoting inner harmony. It has been demonstrated that such accord of body and spirit can have positive medical effects, such as lowering blood pressure, enhancing physical and emotional well-being, strengthening the immune system, reducing stress hormones and increasing endorphin production.

Focusing on the heart – the seat of love – and on breathing soothes the spirit and invites us to seek love and assurance within ourselves. To tread our own path with confidence. To recognise the divine within and around us. – In other words, to rediscover the beauty of life. "Music has charms..."

The "secret" is alpha waves, which have a frequency of 8 – 12 cycles per second. These are generated when we are in a relaxed waking state, mentally alert, so that intuition and creativity open up wider perspectives. Our attention to the outside world is reduced; the inner ear is active. This state soon has a positive effect on our overall sense of well-being. We hope this CD by the Salzburg Mozart Quartet will bring you peace and serenity, and open your heart to inner beauty...

Salzburg Mozart Quartet ®
Joanna Kamenarska, 1.Violine · Zoltan Laluska, 2.Violine
Eva-Maria Zwick, Viola · Matthias Michael Beckmann, Violoncello

Federica Longo, Englischhorn · Martin Hinterholzer, Kontrabaß

CD MCS 003/07 · High-Definition 96 kHz 24 Bit


Wofgang Amadé Mozart:
Adagio G-Dur / Streichquartett KV 80
Un poco Adagio G-Dur / Streichquartett KV 170
Adagio D-Dur / Klarinettenkonzert KV 622
Andante A-Dur / Streichquartett KV 155
Andante G-Dur / Salzburger Divertimento KV 136
Andante A-Dur / Streichquartett KV 575
Larghetto D-Dur / Klarinettenquintett KV 581
Andante C-Dur / Streichquartett KV 138
Andante B-Dur / Salzburger Divertimento KV 137
Laudate Dominum KV 339 F-Dur / Tenorsaxophon & Streicher
Adagio C-Dur KV 94 (580a) English Horn & Streicher


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