Leopold Mozart – The Art of the Violin

Title of the original work: GRÜNDLICHE VIOLINSCHULE
First impression of the second edition of the year 1769 in modern typ and orthography.
Foreword by von Nikolaus Harnoncourt



Foreword by von Nikolaus Harnoncourt
It is obvious that Leopold Mozart was a teacher of genius. The proof may be seen in his incredibly successful education of his son, whose only teacher he was: Not only did Leopold Mozart give his son a complete music education of the highest professional standard, he also imparted to him a comprehensive knowledge of literature, philosophy, the arts and natural sciences. Leopold Mozart put his experience as a violin teacher into his Art of the Violin which I regard vas beyond compare.
Possibly, students of today moght have difficulty in relating to its original language, and so I welcome this translation into a more contemporary idiom easier of comprehension.
In my opinion, no violinist at all should be unacquainted with this method or fail to follow the principles set out in it. It remains a work of timeless valiidity.

Published by Matthias Michael Beckmann
Based on the text established by Gottfried Franz Kasparek
Type and music layout: Martin Hinterholzer